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Almost everyone, all over the world, knows about child sex abuse, but few know about the rape and torture of babies and toddlers. It is the fastest-growing internet pornography, and consequently, it is a fast-growing crime, as men imitate what they see.

The purpose of this site is to show the extent of this horror in the hope that awareness will lead to demands of lawmakers to protect the tracking of the rapists, and to severely punish the social media sites and platforms and enablers which spread and increase this great evil.

I will post news of groups that are fighting for these victims and legislators who are trying to hold the purveyors accountable so that you can help these tiny victims.

The Stories

Five-month-old baby ‘tortured to death’ in crime so sickening cops could barely look at the crime scene pics. “Evidence shows that this baby died of cardiac arrest caused by a horrific mode of torture”.

Boise man accused of raping 3-year-old girl and prostituting her over internet.

‘Predatory paedophile dad-of-six subjected four-year-old girl to ‘harrowing’ sex attack .

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